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Holden, MA  01520
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$2.74 gal
100 gal min
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PO Box 563
Holden, MA  01520

Random Testimonial
On Feb 28, 2015 Kasi of Holden, MA wrote:
When my husband and I bought our first house, we needed oil right away. Being first-time homeowners and with no family in the immediate area, we had to choose an oil company on our own. We looked at the oil companies around the area and decided to go with a family-owned business who had years of experience. Enter Harrington Oil!

One of the first times we got oil from Harrington, the oil tank gauge still showed a low level. We called up Harrington Oil on a Saturday, and Ed came over right away. He showed us how the gauge can get stuck sometimes, and within a matter of a few minutes, we were as right as rain.

We also get our furnace cleaned by Harrington. Because it had been a couple of years since our last cleaning, Deb called us up and reminded us that we should get it cleaned. Talk about a company that has caring, customer service!

I can't say enough about Harrington Oil. They are professional and friendly. We can always count on them! Even when I'm in Worcester and I see a Harrington Oil truck go by, it puts a smile on my face because I know they are taking care of people!

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